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Victorian Charm in Shabby Chic Apartment

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Shabby chic decorating style is one of those of those, where you keep awing at each detail, mesmerised by the abundance of chic and rusty interventions. Today we are going to get inspired by an amazing attic apartment remake into a shabby chic abode!


Former Victorian Factory Turns Chic and Shabby

Located in London, UK this apartment was a former attic of the big industrial factory, and was remodeled into a pretty charming shabby chic residential place. The most important part, so to say the core, of this style is hidden in its character, and this apartment shares a lot of character! But before we stumble upon this awesome London apartment, lets review what we already know about shabby chic interior design. First of all, this style is characterized by both glamour and rustic elements, such as curly wrought iron furniture, but with a peeling off paint, or distressed furniture look. As you can see, it is a really feminine style, so be carefull when decorating the house with other dwellers, this style might not be liked by everybody. The colors of shabby chic interior decorating are really soft, pastel and so to say netural, with a lot of flowery prints – but these prints are not disturbing they are rather non abrasive.


Now that we know about the style, let’s exlore the actual apartment. As you can observe from the pictures below, the owners preserved the original fireplace. The few furniture pieces are screaming of elegance and charm, while appearing not in their best condition. The pastel lilac wall is contrasted against the red brick wall, that was supposedly left untouched since the industrial past of the attic. Each object is in harmony with the style, but unfortunatelly only two of the rooms are furnished in this amazing style! The living room and the bedroom are the center of shabby chic inspiration, while the kitchen and office are in contemorary non personal style. hopefully eventually the owner will make the shabby chic extension over the whole apartment.

London Shabby Chic Inspiration

P.S. Don’t you just love the wrought iron gate that leads to the chamber of secrets?

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