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Utrecht St. Jacobus Church House

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Do you enjoy homes with history? But what if this history is of religious origin? Let’s find it out by discovering the amazing rebirth of the St. Jacobus church in Utrecht.

Redesigned church

Located in Utrecht, forth largest city in Netherlands, the former st. Jacobus church was recently given a second chance as a family house. The original construction was build in 1870, and was recently remodeled into a contemporary house with an exciting background by ZECC Architects and Thomas Haukes.

The exterior was left untouched, as it retains the unforgettable atmosphere, yet all of the interior was changed significantly. The house was artificially divided to be the public and private areas. The interior design is rather minimalistic, yet it retained the religious imagery throughout the house, with a lot of art pieces. The stained glass windows, that let out the sunligh,t is another feature that was left from the original church. Overall, the white background of the house is a great contribution to the house with such a rich history.

Former st. Jacobus Church Inpiration

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