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Unusual Sculptures Made of Building Materials

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Brick and wood are often used in construction. And if wood can be seen in the decor, the brick does not have such a wide variety of applications. However, this article focuses on the unusual sculptures. One of them is made ​​entirely of bricks. And it is unusual because the bricks take an unusual form. As for the sculptures of wood, streamlined shapes that are seemingly not compatible with solid wood structure make them unusual.

Unusual Sculptures Made of Usual Building Materials

Sculpture of a pillow made of wood by Dan Webb

Sculpture of a pillow made of wood by Dan Webb

Sculpture of bricks

Many of us consider bricks as a building material, part of a building. But sculptors have their vision of it. In particular Brad Spencer turned a conventional brickwork into a work of art. The sculptor used bricks to create sculpture of an open book with figures of boys.

The inscription on the sculpture reads: “Life is an open book”. And this is true, since for those who want to see the beauty in the world, will be able to find it even in ordinary brick. The sculpture is a landmark of the Charlotte town.

In addition to the monument in the form of an open book Brad Spencer created a lot of interesting sculptures made ​​of bricks in different parts of the world. And his name is known far beyond the borders of North Carolina.

Sculptures made ​​of wood

Dan Webb is an American sculptor, painter and ideologist of public art, which is based on art objects in public places for untrained viewers. His astounding sculptures are made ​​of wood – the artist thinks over every detail, adhering to the principle “God in the details.” Every object is important, and even the texture of the wood should be worked out perfectly.

The sculptor was born in a small town of East Lansing, Michigan. He was the son of school teachers. He educated at the College of the Arts Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, Washington. And today, the artist lives and works in Seattle. Webb prefers wood (mahogany, fir, maple) to other materialsl. Objects of everyday use are embodied in wood: pillows, shoes and balloons look very ironic. However he does not consider his creations as art objects.

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