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Unusual Christmas Decor Ideas

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Christmas is coming and some of you may have already decorated your home and installed a Christmas tree in the living room to the immesurable pleasure of your kids. Meanwhile we are looking for more unusual Christmas decor ideas to help those who struggle with the color scheme or theme for their Christmas decor.

Creative Christmas Decor

White Christmas tree

Creating your own tree or decorations can be a great exercises in creativity for you and your kids as well as a way to reduce and repurpose clutter around the house. Anything that can become a tree carcass and preferrably has a triangle shape (ladder, planter rack, shelving) can become an alternative Christmas tree. It can also be drawn, outlined with pictures and babubles or other small objects on the wall or suspended from the ceiling.

Anything from burnt light bulbs to books and empty bottles can be used as the Christmas crafting materials so you you don’t even have to raid the local crafts store. Take an empty box and walk around the house putting in anything that’s seemingly useless and anything that needs to be binned. Then put all those things in front of you and think about how you could repurpose them and turn them into decorations. If by the end of the project you have anything left in the box you can readily take it out with other trash.

Now for the color scheme. The red and green will always be classic Christmas colors but if you want something different this year, something exciting and unusual go for contrasts. White and electric blue or emerald green will look great. Green and purple will work well with gold if multicolor is your thing. You can also get away from silver and gold with copper and bronze.

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