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Unusual and Beautiful Doors

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Invisible door, door-rack, door-wall, art-door are in the list of beautiful and unusual doors that we have selected for you. Sure, these examples will not only impress your imagination, but also inspire you for your own experiments in door design!

Unusual and Beautiful Front and Internal Doors

Invisible door

Invisible door 

Invisible door

A door, which disguised as a wall, looks mysterious. If you do not want your guests to accidentally confuse the bathroom door with the door to your room, then pay attention to this invisible door.

Door with shelves

Why not to add useful functions to the doors? For example, to make it an extension of a wall rack. It is original and very comfortable.

Hanging door

In areas of limited square feet, a hanging door on wheels will be the actual. The spacious homes look spectacular with large doors, for example, of horizontal wooden modules.

Bright colors

Residents of megacities daily watch grays around them, and sometimes they want to enjoy the rich colors. Do it with us! Maybe you will get inspired and want to paint your doors in bright colors. For example, in red: in the Irish tradition a door, painted in this color, protects the house from trouble.

Exotic doors

Love to travel? So surely at least once in your life you have seen abroad unusual and incredibly beautiful doors. Spectacular specimens are often found in Morocco, Latin America, the old cities of Europe. They have something to tell and show.

Door for a country house

Summer is in full swing, and we just could not ignore the subject of country houses. Look how beautiful the house looks with a door decorated with various plants: flowers, creepers and even moss.


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