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Unique Retreat House in NY

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Do you know that happens when an interior designer asks another interior designer to decorate the house of the first? An eclectic and beautiful mess of eras and styles! Welcome to the unique NY retreat house, the Robin’s Way!

Robin’s Way House

The Robins’way house is a reconstruction of the 1960’s kit house into a beautiful and transparent retreat residence for a couple an interior designer and a DJ. Both wanted a safe place out in the nature to escape the rush of the urban area. Settled in Amagansett, NY the house turned out to be an excellent weekend retreat, that incorporates all of the details requested by the owners, which was made possible by Bates Masi Architects.
To give the house a personal flare, the owners have collected several items that they wanted to be included into the house’s interior. The original kit house was stripped to its basics, to allow the new construction to be built over. This resulted in the open structure of the house, with lots of sunshine, different eco-friendly solutions in the interior and exterior. Generally, the house is very open to the green lawn in front of it. It also possesses a natural attribute of the weekend retreat: a swimming pool.
According to the visions of the clients, the house needed to be perfect in terms of lights, and of course acoustics. The intriguing solution was to found unexpectedly: the rope woven ceiling turned out to be a good acoustic baffle, which absorbs the background noise, but allows music from the ceiling mounted speakers to be emitted. Moreover, this rope on the ceiling was also integrated into other parts of decorating, such as a large, custom steel framed mirror in the Master Bathroom and the Dining Room Chandelier.
The interior decorating is very eclectic, but somehow unified in one rustic theme with the dark cedar siding that wraps all of the exterior facades and transitions to the matching frames of the replaced windows and doors. The house is very eco-friendly, as it used repurposed conventional materials in a new surprising way.

Robin’s Way House Inspiration

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