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TY Hedfan House

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In midst of Brecon woods lies the incredible glass Ty Hedfan house. It is contemporary, yet very environmentally sound, and very beautiful. Join us on the quest of browsing through the house and its surroundings.

Contemporary Forest House

Of course, the house is not really located in the deep woods, as one would imagine. But it is actually located in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales. The house is situated at the top of the valley and overlooks the merging of two rivers Ysgir Fach and Ysgir Fawr.Taking into consideration its location, it is easier now to understand the real meaning of the Ty- Hedfan, which translates as “Hovering House”.

The house’s peculiar form is attributed to the postulaion of no building area on the riverbanks, so the house is just above the river banks. It constists of two wings, one being above the river with a magnificent view on the park area. This wing incudeds living room and a double height kitchen and dining spaces that open onto an elevated courtyard overlooking the garden. The roofspace has 2 bedrooms and bathrooms. The other wing has two guest rooms, a study room with a bed mezzanine. Isn’t it an incredible modern forest house?

Ty Hedfan House

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