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Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

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If you like the warmth and sunshine, then perhaps Tuscan interior design is just for you. This post will introduce you to the Italian country décor style, the Tuscan style.


Tuscan Décor Ideas

Tuscan décor is famous for its warm and welcoming atmosphere with its natural palette and many intricate details. Tuscan Interior is an amazing southern style, which incorporates natural materials and simplicity into its structure. Stone, wood and some metal with mostly earthly colors make an alluring appeal for those who like the exquisite country side interiors.

The Tuscan Interior design pays great attention to details and textures. Using mostly hand crafted or rustic designs, the furniture looks homey and so calming. For the urban eye, the abundance of furniture might seem distracting, as the Tuscan style wants elaborate schemes of where to keep numerous knick knacks and to create the warm cozy interior. The astonishing effects of the earthly colors are dramatized with the sunset accented hues. Walls are of stone, furniture from wood, nothing but natural all goes organic and handcrafted. The flooring is reminiscent of the terra cotta tiles from the Mediterranean interior design, as it is often to see clay tiles, or even wooden rustic flooring. The simpler the better, however it looks intricate rather than just simple.

The Tuscan interior designs favors details and accessories as one of the constituting elements inside of it. Using various clay statues, metal candleholders and nature inspired objects are in great reverence. Think of greenery inside the house, as it’s the rich atmosphere of the southern Italy that goes along with it. Flowers, ah the flowers, would fill the interior with beauty and fill the area with magnificent odors. So, when creating your own interior design remember the nature and get inspired by its beauty.

Tuscan Décor Inspiration


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