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Turquoise Interior Ideas

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Turquoise, the color of the ocean, the color of summer vacation is back to fashion design! It is trendy, hip and very wanted. This post will introduce you to the latest Turquoise interior design trends and ideas.


Turquoise decoration ideas

Turquoise, being in trend again, deserves this little bit of attention. Decorating in this beautiful nautical color is inspiring, fun and trendy, so why not try it? The amazing part about turquoise is that goes well with most of the color schemes if you choose as the leading color: the black, white, yellow, green even pink. However, if you want to use turquoise as an accent, cream white, beige and grey are the great colors to underline the vibrant turquoise.

Turquoise can also be of different qualities, it can be vibrant bluish turquoise, or pale baby blue, like the sky. Depending on the message that you want your room to deliver, choose your hues. The deep vibrant turquoise can be charming, but is too funky, unless you use the jeweled up turquoise, which looks pretty brave and luxurious. The pale turquoise is more of a frequent choice, creating more subtle interior.


As an example, look at the interior design by Tammy Connor, whose interior designs are very gentle, using classy and timeless ideas. Her interior seems to incorporate the traditional aspects of home keeping, introducing some new colors, like pale turquoise. Quite a different story is told by Dan Waibel Designer/Builder. His turquoise choices are more brave, introducing the real vibrant color, with mostly white background. Using mostly neutral colors, he used turquoise as an accent color and created a cheerful and lively interior design. The last story told in turquoise is the Highland Homes. It is more open and using more colors, with a predominant white. The interior features many details and every room has turquoise highlights.


So, have this post convinced you of the turquoise color importance? If not yet, take a look at these pictures below, they sure carry on the inspiration.

Turquoise inspiration


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