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Treatment Ideas for Tall Windows

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If you’re a lucky owner of a two-storey living room with an open layout you might be scratching your head and wondering what you should do with the treatments for those huge windows. Well, here a few ideas that might inspire you for something great.

Dark curtains

Many moden interiors call for simple lightweight curtains especially for tall windows since the traditionally heavy drapes make for a pompous and well, traditional look. Besides a completely opaque fabric allows no natural light through and makes the room dark. Whereas semi sheer neutral curtains are flowing and unobstructive.

Many a time tall windows don’t require any treatment at all and you might get solid curtains just for the sake of privacy. In this case the simplest straight curtains made from dense fabric will do, provided they are a suitable color.

If you are looking to decorate your tall windows though you can criss cross the drapes, tie them up or choose a flattering print. Since windows may require lots of fabric be sure to choose a larger print for it to show or you can make it a focus of your decor. Decorations at the top of the curtains won’t be noteciable but you can definitely choose to decorate your drapes at the bottom.

One big curtain is more practical and will satisfy your need for privacy. Two will add symmetry to the decor but will also look more traditional. You can use a few curtains to accent each window and make it more decorative or you can use two-toned curtains instead of two similar ones.

When choosing your tall window treatments don’t forget the whole picture. They should work with the rest of the interior not only in terms of color and length but also style.

Tall Window Treatment Ideas

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