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Top 10 Blooming Centerpieces for Indoors

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Are you feeling the spring already? Well, to make it even more dramatic, today we present top 10 amazing blooming centerpieces for indoors!

top 10 flower centerpieces

Incredible Plant Centerpieces

Not only plant centerpiece can add a very special spring attitude to the interior, but also refresh the decor. However, when choosing a plant, take into consideration the fact that the plant needs to be cared after, so choose the ones that you can look after. So, here goes the best of incredible plant centerpieces for spring!

1. Anthurium

top 10 flower centerpieces

The Anthurium is quite large and has beautiful exotic flowers among the large green foliage. The blooms come in red, pink, lavender or white, and if you consider using it as a centerpiece, make sure that they have enough space, because they can be up to three feet tall!

2. Kalanchoe

top 10 flower centerpieces

This plant is quite different, as it is rather small and grows quick because it is a succulent. Its bloom present a cluster of little flowers in yellow or red. This plant blooms in spring and early summer.

3. Geranium

top 10 flower centerpieces

Now, this one is quite popular as a house plant and comes in many different variations. They are not only bright, but also have the distinct fragrance. These plants are quite easy to maintain, yet they require bright light and relevantly dry soil.

4. Lilies

top 10 flower centerpieces

Lilies are very beautiful and there are many varieties to choose from, but you would rarely see them as houseplants. These plants however require a lot of care, as they differ in types, but that effort is worth it!

5. Jasmine

top 10 flower centerpieces

Jasmine is not only pretty, but also very fragrant. This one requires some support, because it spreads like vine. Jasmine loves the sun, so make sure to place it in the sun and the soil should be rather dry.

6. Orchid

top 10 flower centerpieces

The orchid is a very delicate and beautiful flower, and varies greatly as well. There are over 30,000 types and even more hybrids. They are certainly adding that eccentric flair to the interior, even though they are quite expensive.

7. Gloxinia

top 10 flower centerpieces

This one is quite easy to maintain, and very interesting to look at. The blooms are rather large, with a bell-shaped flowers. This plant requires medium to bright light and blooms in the late winter or early spring.

8. Poinsettia

top 10 flower centerpieces

Generally considered a Christmas holiday charm, poinsettias also make a beautiful centerpiece. Its blooms are red and white, and can be quite difficult to tend, yet very beautiful.

9. African Violet

top 10 flower centerpieces

This one resembles Gloxinia, however the blooms are rather small. It blooms throughout the year and enjoy bright sun.

10. Iris

top 10 flower centerpieces

The Iris is also a very delicate flower, and grows from bulbs. It requires quite a maintenance, but will keep your spring very cheerful and exotic, although dieы quite fast.

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