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Toile Decor Inspiration

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If you are up to something elegant, and somewhat extravagant – you might find toile thrilling and charming. For a long time toile was considered only wall or window decoration, however this is not entirely true, and here are some inspiring ideas!

Toile as Inspiration for Interior

Toile emerged in English language in XVI century from a french culture, where this word mean “linen cloth” or “canvas” — particularly cloth or canvas for painting on. However, in its current form, toile can be referred to test garment sewn from the same material, or a type of surface decoration printed on the same fabric. The most classic type of pattern that is present there is a complex scene, of pastoral theme such as a couple having a picnic by a lake or an arrangement of flowers that is repeated over and over again. The colors were especially strict back in the times, shades of green, red, blue, or black on a white background but now any colors can become a part of this tradition.
So, toile in decorating is associated with luxury and exquisite designs, however in smaller portions it can become a bright statement of a broader meaning. While toile patterns goes well in feminine interiors, like shabby chic, it can also be appropriate in the bold contemprorary styles! Now, leaving the borders of color and placing, the toile patterning can be used practically everywhere and here are the few examples!
Walls – one of the most popular choices, yet, quite a heavy pattern to put on the wall, if you just want something light. If you want to use toile in wall decorating, let’s say as a wallpaper design, opt for neutral colors, as too much color and pattern will irritate the eye. However, you can make a smaller versions of toile representation, by framing little parts of it and nailing them to the wall.
Furniture upholstery – this one is making your furniture unique! Especially if the design of the furniture corresponds to the traditional lines, it can be a winning combination! And again it all depends on color, if the pattern is rather screaming, it can be tuned down by the color. Another thing to be used for furniture are the pillows. If you have a neutral furniture design, with absolutely no patterns, the toile pillows can win the spot and make an intriguing combination – especially if the colors match. By the way, if there are other patterns present, the toile can go well if the colors coordinate.

Toile Inspiration

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