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Tiny NY Loft With Incredible Woodwork

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If you think that a house should be a grand mansion with at least 10 rooms, you would be so surprised to see this incredible tiny comfy NY loft. You would also be surprised to find out, that most of its furniture is handmade by Brooklyn-based architect Tim Seggerman, who converted a typical studio in Manhattan into a perfect house for a college professor.

tiny NY flat

Incredible Wooden Loft in NY

Located in the Upper West Side Manhattan, this tiny loft was recently renovated by a brilliant designer into an amazing comfortable apartment with intriguing woodwork and with a touch of bohemian style. The owner of the apartment, a college professor, specifically asked for renovation of a dull studio, which was turned into a multifunctional home.

Featuring only 240-square-foot space, it has most of what the owner needs, a work space, a kitchen, a sleeping nook, which by the way is located just above the kitchen, and a precious tiny cube, which happens to be a library. The inspiration behind the brilliant timber furnishings was derived from the works of the legendary designer George Nakashima and his mid-century modernism aesthetics.

tiny NY flat

The interior design is mostly filled with woodwork with very little space for anything else. However, there are certain things worth mentioning like textures of fabrics used throughout the apartment, golden highlights of the bedroom’s cushions, which echo the woodwork, the intriguing cloth in peacock colors in the kitchen, and books in different hues all over place – all of this gives additional color to the interior.

The general impression of the apartment is as of a very comfortable and homey space. You wouldn’t ever consider that it is located in Manhattan, and used to be an industrial space. In conclusion, it is necessary to mention, that the designer, Tim Seggerman, is really proud of his work, because it is practically a big carpentry master class. There are cabinets from cypress and bamboo, a staircase from gently chamfered ash-and-beech and a floor from quartered white oak, not to mention, a desk made of red birch slats.

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