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These 21 Two-Toned Designs Prove That Kitchen Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive To Be Stylish

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Have you ever noticed that two-toned kitchens often work much better than monochromatic ones? The juxtaposition of colors makes them more dynamic and stylish. And you don’t even have to spend that much on a new kitchen or remodeling.

Two-Toned Kitchens That Prove to Be Stylish

Green and white kitchen

Repainting your kitchen or partially painting it can certainly make a difference. Usually the lower cabinets and the kitchen island get darker hues but you can do it vice versa if you want to. It’s not only about the cabinets though. You can half paint the walls for a two tone effect. You can also make all kitchen cabinets two-toned.

Neutral materials like wood and metal don’t give that much impact color-wise but if you want to you could paint your wooden cabinets partially to achieve the two-toned look.

Two-tone kitchen wall

The details can really polish up your two-toned kitchen. Gold metallic hardware and accessories will stand out against the darker color and make the design look more luxurious. With a white base you can get away with any kind of tiles, even the plainest and cheapest. You also don’t necessarily have to have stone countertops. Also focusing on smaller details allows you to save on bigger more expensive things. The focus here is all on color and contrast.

The beauty of a two-toned kitchen is that it’s really affordable and easy to do. If your old cabinets are still sturdy and intact but could use a facelift or an upgrade this is a great way to do it. A little paint and perharps new handles can really transform their look.

Don’t worry about the floors matching either of the colors. A neutral wooden laminate won’t conflict with any color combination you might choose.

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