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Thanksgiving Home Decorations On Budget

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It can be quite troublesome to decorate your house for Thanksgiving each year but there are just a few simple things that can bring the holiday spirit to the house without taking too much effort, time, or even space. Don’t want to carve and decorate numerous pumpkins? Just use burlap to decorate them a bit and put them on display. You don’t have to invest much, just gather some leaves, pine cones, and twigs and create away.

Cheap Thanksgiving Home Decorations

Glittered maple leaves

Glittered Maple Leaves

Maple leaves are symbols of Fall so they would be a perfect decoration for walls, table, or windows. You can spray paint them or cover in glue and glitter. When gathering leaves be sure they are pliable and not too dry or they will crack and crumble when you try to do anything with them.


Cinnamon Candles

No need to go to Bed Bath And Beyond for cinnamon candles when you can have your own. Regular candles and a bag of cinnamon sticks can make for a great table centerpiece as well as give natural pleasant scent. You can try tying those sticks around the candle or stick them to the hot melted wax. Just be sure to hold the cinnamon stick the wax cools and dries out.

Burlap cutlery pocket


Burlap is a universal decoration tool, especially for Thanksgiving. You can put it on a table or make a wreath with it or you can make small favour sacks for your guests.

You can also use edible food paint to decorate your fruit and vegetables creating various interesting color schemes and displaying them on a mantel, side or dinner table, and kitchen counter.

Edible food paint


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