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Style Clash: When one Interior Design is not enough

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For some people following one interior design style is simply not enough and they just need to have a style clash! So that is where the different mixing techniques come into picture. This post will help you do the impossible: give you the basic tips on how to mix styles.


Mixing Interior Design Styles

If you want to integrate other interior designs into the already existing and dominating one, you need to choose which one. However, if you already hold that thought in mind, then perhaps you already made up your mind! If following one theme or interior design style has become a problem, focus on the important part of a particular interior style and find all things that you need to do that.

One interior design can be a strong background of the other being accenting one. If that is the case, consider all of the minor and big decor items, such as pillows, cushions, even vases sometimes give that distinct attitude. Every case is very unique, however there are some practical tips to help you navigate. Don’t make a clutter of two styles, try matching things appropriately. Before putting some decor item permanently, try giving it some time to be around, and if this thing is not making you irritated with time, then perhaps it is the one.
Perhaps you would be more confident when presented with some examples? We have already seen the clash between minimalism and Parisian charm, however some other examples will help you in getting the full picture. What would happen if you think of mixing the impossible the laid back rustic interior design with calm Zen Buddhist style? See for yourself! The main accents are on the wooden interior with a hint of tranquil Buddhist philosophy. Of course it is a matter of the leading style to constitute the main points: if the leading one is rustic – what we see is the abundance of heavy wooden furniture and many other details, with a few zen lines. If on the contrary, the leading style is Zen, what we see is the straighforward lines with less details and mostly wooden furniture. Wood seems to dominate.
Another interesting example of the clashing of styles is the contemporary vs italian country style. The italian country style is brutal, raw and masculine or feminine sometimes, as opposed to indefinite contemporary style. The contemporary style is more of a style statement, because it uses sometimes bold colors and shapes. And the mixture of both can be very surprising, featuring raw walls and surfaces of the italian country style and sleek elements of the contemporary style, like these amazing transparent chairs of Philippe Starck. So as you see, there are many possibilities of mixing styles, you just have to find your own!

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