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Spectacular Tones In Project Begovaya

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If you are a fan of contemporary design, but also tend to like the luxurious curves of the baroque era you might be curious about this residence. The Project Begovaya residence by Geometrix is all about the modern approaches to decorating and most importantly it sports the baroque prints and posh furnishings throughout the whole house. But the attention stealer among the monochromatic interior is luxurious royal purple armchair.

Posh Black & White Interior By Geometrix

Begovaya Project

Incredible Interior by Geometrix

You might remember Geometrix design company by the projects, such as Modern Art Deco Moscow Apartment also in monochramatic hues and Futuristic Kitchen Design. Both of these projects sport the incredible contemporary style and unique approach to decorating.

First of all it is the living room, full of glazing white and black. The illumination is highlighting the reflective glass surfaces of the room. Although the white is a leading color, there are many black accents, including the gorgeous baroque artwork on the floor. Another baroque highlight waits patiently in the center of the living: the luxurious armchair in surprising purple color. A very surprising detail of the interior, it fits perfectly into the picture highlighting the personality of the residence.

Although the furniture of the house is all rather sleek and contemporary, the decor items are more elegant and delicate. There are low-rise sofas and rectangular cupboards, but then again we see elegant glass vases, sculptural chandelier and floral wallpaper. The interior design is certainly meant for the brave people, that enjoy being the center of attention: just imagine how it is to live in a house that is full of reflective surfaces, with only two colors and one bright purple hues.


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