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Skycourt Outdoor House

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Imagine a house that is positioning itself as an outdoor house, maximizing the interaction between the outdoors and the indoors. This post is about just this kind of place, the Skycourt house.


Incredible Japanese Project

The Skycourt house,located in Tokyo, is an amazing Japanese revival project by Keiji Ashizawa Design studio. Initially, the house was to be demolished, because the average life span of a building is less than 20 years, due to Japan’s earthquake problem. However, the client and the architect, Keiji Ashizawa has talked the authorities into remodeling the old building into the contemporary house for a family with kids.

The house is actually a symbiosis between two twin houses, that are connected by the transparent wall. Notice how the whole house is sort of striving towards the sky, ending with a terrace on the upper level. The vertical layout of the house is one of the characteristics of architecture in Japan, where the demand is high, but the land is not available. The house contains the guest room, office in the basement; kid’s room, living room, dining and kitchen, two bedrooms, master bedroom that has a pathway to the Zen garden! The interior design is really minimalistic, to no surprise and is perfectly comfortable for the client family.

Skycourt House inspiration


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