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Shiny Accessories In Home Decor

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Glitter and sequins are a nice way to spruce up your interior. Not many people like them and they may not always be practical but their shine surely is another way to make your decor stand out. When used sparsely metallics can really add glam to your room regardless of its purpose.

Silver sequin cushion

There are also many different ways to using accessories and those with shine in particular. For example, a sequined throw pillow in a suitable color will definitely look great on a sofa or bed. A glittery throw or a cover for these same furniture pieces would add more visual impact.

If you want even more impact you can go for glitter wallpaper for your feature wall (remember the rule of sparsity) or wall decor. This would call for a suitable decorating style though. Boho and luxury styles are very much appropriate for decorating with glitter and sequins, but you could also try that in a modern and traditional mix.

Odd shiny accessories look good in almost any room, but refrain from using big impact shiny accessories like curtains and wallpaper in smaller poorly illuminated rooms as they may make your room look cheap. Too much glitter and shine isn’t good.

Glitter wallpaper

Instead try a disco ball in a living room or an artwork with a metallic element. Don’t be generous with sequins but do be bold. There is a fine line that you’ll need to find in your own interior. The key to making it work is to opt for one or two but no more than three shiny elements in the decor. And they all have to be different size. Otherwise it will be an overload of glitter.

A shiny accessory is showy so use it as an accent, don’t make it a theme.

Most unusual ways to use sequins and glitter in decor is in artwork, wallpaper, and kitchen backsplash. Sequins also go greatly with fur and shearling, but you can also successfully use the simpler materials with them like linen and knit.

Shiny Interior Decorations


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