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Shabby Chic Décor ideas

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Shabby Chic interior design is a promising style that can offer much depth and comfort to the owner. Following these easy instructions would lead you to making your own interior décor for Shabby Chic!

shabby chic

Shabby and Chic

Shabby chic interior is all about vintage, aged furniture, artful masterpieces, antiques and rusty items. It is a blend of both glamour and rustic interior, with a bit of country style and extravagant details. However, wooden furniture or decor elements are an important part in achieving the shabby chic style. If the wooden items are simply irresistible, yet are so new you are embarrassed to call them rustic, then age them!

It is as easy as using Vaseline for these purposes. First you would need to apply one coat of paint unto the parts of furniture that you would like to age. Then after it is dry, apply Vaseline and another coat of paint, preferably with a different color. After all is dry, it is time to sandpaper, the harder you use it, more rustic it looks. Now, that you know the ultimate secret of all Shabby chic interior fans, it is time to explore some ideas on creating that interior.

The Shabby Chic style is most suitable for cottages, villas, some places that are designed for rest. However, it can also add style to your actual place of living. Although, it does provide that feminine touch to the house that also can be balanced by more masculine elements of décor such as we have seen in the Guilherme Torres Interior Designs. Artistic chaos in the placement of décor elements and functional items is not a thing that you should worry about. Let it land as it is, making sure that you don’t create a mess with it.

If you are not a fan of rustic furniture, try opting for the new one, but with a romantic twist. Elegance is one part of the Shabby Chic style. Originating in late XX in Great Britain, this style is just beginning its journey and is very open for enthusiasts. Colors are all natural, and warm, as mostly used in country style decorating. Use of textures is also a twist in decorating, however don’t exaggerate fabrics, too many of them can be distracting. Lately, the Shabby Chic interior was considered a work of art in itself, so use your imagination in creating this lovely interior.

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  1. Judy harber”
    November 27, 2012 at 3:59 am

    Love this style. Just can’t get enough of it.