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Schoolchildren Room Design

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School is a special time for every child, and the interior design of the room is also an important aspect that shapes the attitude toward it. This post will present you the basics of interior design for school aged kids, which will help you in decorating kids’ room at its best.


Rooms for school aged kids

When children grow, they tend to be more distinct in gender identities, so it is important to make a room appropriate to his or her tastes. As the child grows, the furniture is also outgrown, the bright walls and childish play stations might not be suitable for school aged kids. One of the solutions is to use age neutral furniture and decal wall art that can be easily removed if necessarily. The color choices might tend to become more neutral, perhaps even pastel. It doesn’t mean that the child is no more creative and inspirational, rather the color choices are stimulating child’s growth of rationality.

If the child is already a teenager, the gender specific décor items are an essential part of this identity as a boy or a girl. It is important to talk over the details with the child as on what he or she wants to have in her room. A girl might prefer to have her own vanity table with a nice drawer to go along, where she can store her beauty items. A boy might want to have a shelf where he can keep his collection from entomology class. Just about anything that talk of his or her personality should be considered to be included in the room.


As we speak of color, girls usually tend to choose brighter, warmer colors, whereas boys on the contrary likes to go along with more masculine colors, darker and deeper hues. However, it is not always a good idea to make bold bright colors as a base, but try using more subtle colors with stronger tints of the same color as accent. The color choices are very individual, and it is best if you talk this over with your child, as not all girls like their room girlie and other way around.

With the school taking most of the child’s time, it is important to create an appropriate and comfortable study zone. It is best to include a window in that zone, or if not possible try using big lamps with some creative designs. The natural light source as well as a comfortable seating and table are the guarantees of the effective studying process. The study area should also include shelves, or boxes for personal library or textbooks, and just about any items inspiring for studies.

Knowing the basics of children room interior décor can guide you during your decorating process, but it would not be complete without your kid’s participation in the process. Remember to talk over the details and overall interior of the room, because this will help in organizing the best room for your children.

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