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Scandinavian Interior design

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Scandinavian interior design is an interesting style combination, which would surprise just about anybody. This post will introduce you to the most interesting Scandinavian interior design ideas, and teach you the basics of this amazing style.


Scandinavian Décor style

Scandinavia, a land of white landscapes, brutal men and winter, what can it offer in interior design? Perhaps these inspirational examples will prove the opposite? There is something special about this amazing style of decoration, starting from its white leading color to intriguing new detail, like a hanging fluffy lamp. Featuring as less colors as possible, Scandinavian interior is a win for those who prefer minimalism in color. The use of materials is practically nothing extraordinary, however keep it simple and within the style borders.

Scandinavian interior seems to display the maximum space, featuring many functional items here and there. But don’t be fooled by the apparent functionality, because these are items are also very stylish. Large open spaces, white background with lots of miscellaneous décor that add individuality and a special flavor to the style. It is really bright style which is literally filled with light, including sunshine into every aspect of interior. Of course Scandinavian interiors vary, they can be all magnificent white, or very motley and brisk, but they are all one because of the core that holds them.


The Scandinavian Interior style is best seen in the example of this amazing house. It is rather large, featuring both Scandinavian and country styles, designed by architect Jørgen Grumstrup. The house is the personification of the interior, as most of the stuff in the house is remodeled and remains in the house for generations. It has the white base and many accent colors, many textures and furnishing solutions. In general this house is truly a mixture of Scandinavian and country style, as it presents the qualities of both. Hopefully this post was a bit of introduction to the Scandinavian interior and you inspired by the basics, will decorate in Scandinavian Interior Design.

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