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Room without Windows: 5 Tricks

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How to decorate a room, which has no windows? Of course, the interior of a room depends on the functional purpose: office, bedroom, kitchen, pantry and cloakroom. But there are basic techniques that can help you create a very cozy space in the room without windows.

How to Save Room without Windows: 5 Tricks

Additional interior items in the room without windows

Additional interior items in the room without windows


Lighting in a room is crucial. So you need to use any available means. It is important that in this room there was no sense of a closed space.

You can use recessed ceiling lights, and place them at regular intervals.

Distribute light evenly, so you could avoid creating dark areas. Then there will be a sense of daylight. Use spotlights in niches and recesses. In such case the interior will look more original.

Use wall sconces, table lamps as an additional lighting fixtures.

False windows

If the room has no windows, you can simulate their presence. You can create them using mirrors separated into parts. Generally, the more mirrors in the room, the better.

There are 3D-windows that create the illusion of the window. Any blank wall can turn into a huge picture window with magnificent views of the ocean, green forest or chamomile field.

You can place any picture under this false glass windows. And if you use a patterned (frosted) mural or stained glass with spotlights instead of glass, the room will immediately revive.

Additional interior items

Large flat illuminated aquariums, paintings with frames and bright image, suspended fireplaces with built-in transparent windows can serve as additional interior items.

Original and realistic open space can be achieved thanks to the fan built into a false window.

You can easily replace a window using wall photos on the wall. The additional effect will be provided by the ceiling made in the light spectrum, or better as a clear sky with white clouds.

Light walls

Great solution for rooms without windows will be light walls, not necessarily white. It is desirable that the ceiling was lighter than walls. It is preferable to choose natural colors. This will have a positive effect of spaciousness.

Shiny elements

Shiny materials in the form of chromium and brass are also good to use in rooms without windows. They will create an additional source of light when it is reflected from the surface. Use a ceiling fan as an optional accessory to avoid stagnation of air in the room.


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