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Retro Interior Ideas

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If you are one of those who likes things that were back then, and just can’t live without the contemporary interior, perhaps you should consider the retro style. This post will help with the amazing retro interior ideas for decorating.


Retro Interior Design

What is the first thing comes to yo your mind when you think of retro interior? Is it the bold psychodelic prints, the circular leather furniture sets, or the incredible TV sets? Or maybe a combination of all of it? In reality, retro interior design is all about bring the past to the present and add contemporary twist, sometimes with a high technowlogy.

Starting with colors, decide how bold you want your retro style to be? If you want to go hardcore retro, perhaps you should remember all of the 70’s psychodelic patterns and include them into your retro scheme. The larger and brighter the patterns the better. However, if you prefer calmer tones, you can always make a memory wall with smaller and not so bright patterns. So, depending on your intentions, the color scheme should be chosen accordingly.

As for furniture, circular and curvilinear forms are preferred, and the leather is a choice of material. Wood, and other natural materials can also be of significance. The special retro decor items can be of special significance if they actually come from that time period. These could include the retro fridge, retro sofa with new upholstery, or a old oak round table. For some reason, the retro style looks like a retro concept of futuristic interior.

The last thing to pay attention in creating retro interior design is the overal harmony of the items, color schemes and furniture. Make sure that the color scheme is appropriate to the furniture sets, and all of the decor items if not originally from that period but have that special retro atmosphere around them. This way, you can be sure, that the retro interior is perfect.

Retro Interior


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