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Remake of Ancient Cloister into Contemporary Home

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Continuing the theme of inspiration home remakes, this one is a true marvel. Something that used to look like an ancient cloister now looks completely modern, but with a personal history. Introducing the incredible remake of the ancient cloister in Barcelona!

Incredible House Remake in Barcelona

You would be surprised what can be transformed eventually into contemporary house! This is a story of an incredible transformation of a former ancient 500 year old cloister and a recent fabric store that served its purpose for the past twenty years! Well actually the former fabric was built in XIX century, whereas a little attachment is a 500 old cloister. A building with such rich history couldn’t be just ordinary! A spanish company Minim has made a significant remake of this beautiful building and transformed it into incredible residence for a young family with a kid.
The new residence boasts of 2,150 square foot open space and mostly white interior design with splashes of occasional colors. As can be imagined, the original construction was pretty dark and depressing. To preserve the intriguing personality of the construction, everything was left untouched except for the furnishings. The white was chosen as a dominant color, so the floor is in light timber, the walls are white – and this white not only reflects off the light from the huge window, they also can reveal amazing features and details of the construction. The interior presents both modern upholstery of the furniture in neutral tones, and an attention stealing vibrant purple armchar. There are actually few other attention stealing objects in the room such as striped chair in the living room and the pink couch. Apart from neutral and vibrant upholstery, there are some distressed wood objects, that give this apartment an identity of an old cloister. And despite its white interiors, the apartment doesn’t look Nordic at all, because there are no drastic black contrasts and the space is too big and spacious. Would you enjoy living in such apartment?

Barcelona Inspiration House


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