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Red Accent in Contemporary Interior Design

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Contemporary time always has new design that can be applied in the interior of your lovely home. The contemporary home can be so amazing with its beautiful environment. Talking about the contemporary design we can say that it can have beautiful decoration and interesting accents. In living room for example, it can be equipped with white sofa. The white sofa is completed with similar red colored cushions and red poufs that combine the white sofa. The glazed red table is placed in the middle of this living room. The table is placed on white carpet. The color schemes can definitely vary depending on the owner’s choice and taste. In this post you will get familiar with the color schemes that can shack with red accent in the interior design.

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Red Accent with White

Red Accent Interior Design

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Red Accent with White and Black 

The color red mixes well with almost any color scheme, but how do you decorate with red without going overboard? Most of us do not wear red from head-to-toe on a daily basis, so why do this to your walls? Consider how you wear red and translate your wardrobe to your room.

Red is the color of passion, but if you are too passionate about the color you may be seeing red in your home. “Red can go everywhere from cheery and happy to angry and aggressive,” says designer Don Raney of Civility Design in Chicago. “That’s what you have got to keep in mind when using red in a room. When is too much too much and when is it not enough.”

Raney and his design partner, Jaymes Richardson, frequently use red as an accent color in their interior designs, in everything from lighting and candles to pillows and walls. “When you have accents of red it draws attention to other things you might not even notice in the room,” Richardson says, “The whole idea is to entice, intrigue invite without clubbing you over the head and dragging you in.”

“Red is a color that needs to be well-thought-out, as well as the shade itself,” says Jaymes Richardson of Civility Design.

Types of Designs and Right Red

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Red Accent in the Living Room

Contemporary design incorporates neutral elements with pops of bold color, often red.
On the door: Bold, bright red
Inside: Bright red shades in a pillow, rug or throw

Modern design calls for all kinds of reds: from primary hues to classic shades with burgundy or brown undertones.
On the door: Any red you love that makes a statement.
Inside: Consider injecting red through a painting or piece of art.

Traditional design stays away from primary reds and instead involves burgundy or black tones.
On the door: A deep, rich red
Inside: Decorate with Oriental rugs injected with darker reds.

Avoiding Overwhelming

Red can be overwhelming to a room, especially, if it is a smaller space. To avoid over powering the room, try painting a single wall in the color red of your choice to use as an accent wall. This gives you the bold look you are wanting. Add accent pieces throughout the room and adjoining rooms in the same color red to create flow and cohesiveness.

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Red Accent

Using the color red in your home décor is a statement no matter how you use it. For some, red can be intimidating and in your face. Ease yourself into the color by starting with a clean palette like black and white and using red as a bright pop of color, such as accent pillows. You are still making a bold, beautiful statement.


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