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Reclaiming Basement

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Perhaps you have an underground extra place that just waits in line for its renovation. Well, then the time has come for reclaming your basement!

Basement Decorating Ideas

If you had your basement for years, and haven’t been thinking of it much, then most likely that you have disregarded this marvelous extra space, and used it as a junk collector. This post will help in creating a special place out of the ex-storage underground room.

First of all, you need to remove all of the stuff out of the basement, either donate, sell or throw everything away! This stuff has been cluttered there for ages, and it is doubtfull you might ever need it. Secondly, clean up the space completely and make the proper insulation, to make sure there is nothing that makes this room any different from the above ground ones.
Beware of the low ceilings, as it is a common problem in the basements. You have already protected your future room from possible cracks, leaks and etc, so now you need to take care of illumination. The right lighting can dramatically raise your ceilings and the right color choices can make the space appear larger. If you feel claustrophobic in the basement, you can trick you consciousness by adding wall sized pictures of the natural scenery, or even curtains without windows! Once you have done that significant part, it is time for creativity.

It is time to choose what type of room you intend to make out of it, and here we have numerous possibilities. Of course all of your decisions should correspond to the family budget! One of the options is to make your own lounge room, with a bar, pool table, media corner with luxurios sofa for your friends and family. Another option is to create a gym, a personal office or study room, a wine room, an antique library. Anything that comes to your mind is possible. However, when you do decide on the purpose, it is easier to choose interior. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new patterns, colors and textures, and you would have the most stylish reclaimed basement design.

Basement Decor Inspiration


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