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Potted Tree Spring Interior Accent

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Potted trees aren’t just for fancy offices. With their lean long trunks they can make a great addition to any interior regardless of the amount of available space or height of the ceilings. They can even make low ceilings look taller. And in a small spaced interior they will definitely look even more impressive.

Olive and fig trees are the most popular choices for planting indoors but you can see the different types of palms working pretty nicely with minimalist interiors.

Fig trees are great if you want more greenery in your room thanks to their big wide dark green leaves. Also if you have sunny spots you can grow lemon, calamondin or kumquat trees.

Potted trees are great awkward space fillers, corner decorations, and spring accents. They make the space look richer and livelier and at the same time leave enough free space around them not to clutter smaller interiors.

Potted Tree Accents


Tree in decor

Olive tree in a pot


Massive tree

Olive tree

Staircase tree

Hallway tree

Potted tree

Fiddle leaf tree in a pot

Olive tree

Potted Yucca palm

Tree in a pot


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