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Posh & Eclectic Scandinavian House

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In celebration of summer heat we present to you more and more amazing house designs with gorgeous outdoors. This house is located in Kullavik, Sweden and apart from being visually interesting inside it has incredibly lush outdoor area with gorgeous poolside relaxation spots. The curious architecture alongside the marvelous posh and eclectic interior make this house very appealing.

Posh & Rustic Scandinavian Residence

Scandinavian House

Amazing Scandinavian House

First thing that is noticed about the house is the architecture of the residence, specifically the façade and stone wall that outlines the whole outdoor area. The entire residence expands for about 350 square meters, however, it looks quite cozy for a large family that resides in there. The outdoor area is rather spectacular, as there are the façade of the house in a traditional style with incredible thatched roof. The outdoor room by the swimming pool is hidden from the strangers by the lush green oaks and formal boxwood hedges.

Meanwhile, the interior of this Swedish residence is really surprising. There is a large sunroom located by the garden with contemporary wooden furnishings, and then there is a gorgeous baroque-styled living room with contemporary stylish accessories. There are amazing oil paintings in the posh golden frames and a modern gray sofa with a bold red rug. Surprisingly all of these details look in harmony and don’t distract the attention with too many contradicting details.

Moreover, the other rooms have their style. The upstairs room has that distinctive Scandinavian influence in the color choices, except that it also has some unique spacing solutions. There is a bookcase wall that is hiding another small room that looks like an art studio. The floor rug looks like it is completely out of this place, yet adds that certain down-to-earth appeal to the room.

The dining room returns us to the posh baroque styled furnishing by presenting elaborate fireplace and crystal chandelier above the table. There are also other surprising rooms, like the entryway with an antique piano and a writing desk located by one of the doors. In general, the house leaves a very ambiguous impression of grandeur and rustic simplicity.

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