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Polish Swing House

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Would you like to live in a fairy tale? This Warsaw house seems to come out of the book to live an independent life: introducing the Polish swing House!

Fairy Tale House in Poland

This is a very beautiful flowing Swing house,which is located in Warsaw, Poland. Designed by Poland based architect Dagmara Obluska, the house seems to be really enigmatic and setting the tone for the environment. The unusual interior of the house is dictated by the architecture, which in its own way is dictated by the customers.

They send a note to the architects stating that:

“To avoid confined spaces with onerous slants, which often become a nightmare roof, the roof is designed with numerous extended dormer windows and niches. This kind of roof allows for a large use without a significant increase in volume. Raise the ceiling in exactly the desired point. Such a solution is suitable for functional reasons, but also has aesthetic values…

So, this rather detailed statement of the customers’ desires lead to a creation of the beautiful house in somewhat art nouveau style. The color scheme seem to be rather neutral with a few touching elements of the darker shades, yet everything seems to be in perfect harmony with each detail. the house is sort of flowing from a room to room, leading the guest on its exquisite quest. This is a trully unique designer house!

Swing House

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