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Podium in Interior Design

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In the world of modern interior design, multi-level ceilings and floors are no longer something supernatural. A podium can perform not only a purely aesthetic but also practical function. So often, the podium is designed by a specialist, taking into account the possibilities of planning and furniture placement. It is very important to approach the issue with all the responsibility and rationality, because otherwise, the ergonomics of the room can be simply broken.

Podium in Different Rooms

Podium in the living room

Podium in the living room

Proportion of the podium

First we would like to note that podiums are not desirable in areas with a very low ceiling. If the distance from the floor to the ceiling is not so great, you will also reduce it by an additional step. It can be very uncomfortable as a result: it will create a feeling of oppression and distress.

Proportion of the podium must always fit the proportions of the room and ergonomics of its use. So, even if you have quite high ceilings in the house or apartment, it does not mean that a high podium is a good idea. The optimum height of such construction is 4-6 inches. If for any reason your podium should be higher, it is desirable to equip it with one or two (or more) additional steps.

Podium in bedroom interior

As a rule, the podium in the bedroom is a kind of “pedestal” for the bed, a spectacular and useful architectural object. It is important that the design was safe, so it makes sense to do it from wall to wall (in order not to create traumatic sites).

Podium in living room interior

A podium around the living area can be called one of the most successful designs. That is the case, when the reception area for guests with traditional sofas and coffee table, is literally “drowned” in the podium, whose height is the height of the backrest of the sofa. Thus, the design helps create an extremely cozy atmosphere in the living room, because it is literally a “nest”, where you can sit comfortably in the company of friends. It is especially great, when combined with the dining room: the dining room is located on the podium, and the living area “falls” down.

Podium in kitchen interior

Wide podium for the kitchen area is suitable in a studio apartment. Thus, there is a competent and unobtrusive zoning between the kitchen and other rooms.

Such a move may be convenient, because a kitchen floor can be finished with any flooring: laminate, tile, etc. It will not violate the integrity of the overall design of the apartment, but will greatly facilitate the cleaning process.

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