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Plants for Bedroom

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These green friends, beautiful plants in the flowerpots, cannot only be in the bedroom, but they are also recommended; they are isolated and do not absorb oxygen, as many popular houseplants. One or two slow-growing plants with rounded leaves do not interfere. Your bedroom will look even better with the plants on the windowsills, floor, and shelves.

They clean the air of chemical secretions that act on the leaves with a layer of dust. They need to be surely wiped; otherwise, poisonous crystals go back into the air that we breathe. Plants should not stand too close to the bed, no closer than one or two meters. Otherwise, the active energy of their growth will disturb us in a dream. The plants in the bedroom should not be a lot, they absorb oxygen that we need when we sleep.



Neutralizes toxins (especially formaldehyde) clears the air of microorganisms. Humidifies the air. Four adults per day plants can clean the air in a room of 10 square meters 70-80 %.



This flower absorbs pollutants from the air that enters into our apartment through the windows. Spathiphyllum causes extreme variations in the rate and is suitable for anyone, it can be put in any room, but we recommend putting it in the bedroom for a peaceful and healthy sleep.



Reduces the amount of toxic substances (absorbs up to 90 % formaldehyde, which highlights the furniture made ​​of particleboard),at the nights gives off oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide.



Gives the oxygen at nights and relieves depression.

Begonia (especially the Royal)


Neutralizes harmful substances and germs. It is a symbol of material prosperity. Aroma relieves depression. Especially, recommended in the bedroom of the elderly people in various diseases.



Kills germs. Ozonizes air, relieves inner tension, and helps to normalize hormonal balance in women. Especially, useful for insomnia, but it can cause allergies.



Also known as Teschin language, or snake language is the perfect plant for the bedroom. Despite the fact that most of the plants at night absorb oxygen, sansevieriya vice versa at night it produces. Indoors, to maintain the necessary level of oxygen you need 6-8 Teschin languages ​​up to waist height on one person.

Very Useful Cactus


Better to buy a cactus with long needles. This plant kills harmful germs and reduces the ionization of the air, protecting us from electromagnetic radiation. That is why it is recommended to place the plant in the rooms where there is a computer and a television. For normal growth, they need a lot of heat and light. Indoor plants clean the air well, because of that person inhales less dangerous to his health matter.

Good Plant for the Bedroom: Laurel


A sprig of laurel at the head of a baby bed in some time was considered the best remedy for insomnia in children. Adults sleep well in the presence of lavender and rosemary, which are in the form of potted plants, began to appear on the shelves of flower shops.


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