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Peculiar Shape of a Contemporary Office

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Recent innovations in design have been proving really daring, in terms of architectural forms! Meet the exceptional, peculiar shape of a contemporary Office by Platform 5 Architects team!

Shoffice by Platform 5 Architects

Remember the theme about the garden sheds that went awfully in a different direction creating something between a garden shed retreat and a office located, so to say out in the nature? Well, Platform 5 Architects studio took the issue seriously and designed a marvelous high tech application, that is literally both, the Shed and the Office – the Shoffice! This marvelous creation is located in London, England. Where else might you exclaim, but this peculiar shape of a contemporary office in the outdoors is inspired by the natural shapes, which organically flow into the landscape.
Well, technically, the Shoffice is located on the backyard of the 1950′s terraced house in St John’s Wood, which serves as a backdrop for this marvelous construction. The space , which serves as a platform for this project is a garden storage space, and look what awesome purpose the architects have found for this space! From the inside, the Shoffice is lined with oak, while the outer shell is in extruded timber elliptical form. Don’t you think this shell looks like a giant layering timber piece, as if just laid down by some giant hand somewhere deep in the forest. The Shoffice also has two rooflights – one above the desk and another open to the sky outside the office bringing light into the work space. While providing pleasant space to work in, it also has some basic storage solutions, and a desk. The winning combination of big window spaces and the unique and peculiar shape of the contemporary office in London, create an illusion of an artwork, which is dropped in someone’s backyard. So, in general, the Shoffice is a great way to get secluded in the urban conditions, while still being out, in the nature, perfect for those who likes their originality and seclusion, while being in the “woods”


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