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Pebbles in Interior Décor

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Using pebbles in interior décor is an amazing alternative for many décor accessories, but not only because they are a constant reminder of the sea, but also add sensuality into your interior. Learn all of the pebbles as décor items usage.

Pebbles in interior

Pebbles as décor items

This post is all about bringing the ocean into the house with different kind of pebbles, even fake, is an amazing idea to use in interior décor. Pebbles can become a very unique and exciting addition to your interior décor. There are many different ideas on how to use pebbles in the interior design, for instance this Pebble side table from West Elm Design Company. However, of course it is not an actual pebble. Made from cement concrete, this Pebble table features a very natural stone shape, which can be an amazing addition to the outdoors interior, or likewise for any inside interior.

Pebbles in interior

Another pebble like furniture design is the Felt Pebble Cushions by Ronel Jordaan. These cushions perfectly mimic the actual big river pebbles. Of course they cannot give the impression of the cold sea stones, but they are a great contribution to just about any interior design. Coming in many sizes and colors, the Felt Pebble Cushions can add the marine touch to your interior décor.

pebbles in interior

However, pebbles are mostly used in their real shape as décor items. Traditional use of pebbles in décor is of course in making a rug out of pebbles. However additional uses of the pebble stones can include candle holders, planter decorations, and even table top décor. One of the most creative ideas is placing pebbles in transparent jars with addition of some green elements. If you want your pebbles to look nice and shiny it is also a good idea to moisture them. So despite a great variety of pebble usage, there is always one waiting especially for you.

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  1. Mandy
    August 4, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Pebble or stone slate is not really a very new product, but may be called new because it was introduced about 2 or 3 years ago. At first, this garden product is intended to utilize the waste marble chips that cannot be used in the manufacture of marble mosaic tiles. Re-use rejected marble chips, was chosen to develop garden products that fit with the character of and look of marble chips. This was unexpected; this product was well received in the market.