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Peaks View Residence

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Discover the intriguing Peaks View Residence, what appears on the inside completely different from the conservative exterior. Located in the grassy meadow in Wyoming, the residence is an architectural statement of style, grace and creativity.

Carney Logan Burke Architects Wyoming Project

The residence was completed recently by Carney Logan Burke Architects and surprisingly it has everything that the clients wanted, while fulfilling the major requirements of the authorities. One of the major requirements was that the structure would fit into the existing landscape and not confront architecturally the neighboring constructions. Another, more personal request was that the house to be “with roots in the modern idiom”. The result is a stunning combination between the two.
Featuring a space of nearly 6500 square foot, the residence is just massive and expansive. However the wooden finish gives off that certain tranquility, what in combination with the grass meadow completes the rural landscape. The solution, with which the architects came up is very simple, yet quite reasonable. To be in compliance with the neighbors, the front part of the house seems quite traditions, featuring a two story wooden house. However, behind that there hides a surprise! The living pavilion of one story, which is behind is all about creativity.
The roof plays an important role in the whole structure, as it allows to visually unite the building trio. It makes the house complete, as “the roof of the living pavilion extends to create a covered outdoor extension for the main living space”. While you might be bored with the exterior of the house, interior is certainly something. The entryway is equipped with a display for Kimono, which influence can be seen all over the house. As mentioned by the designers:

“Its influence on the interior can be seen in the delicate stair screen and the language for the millwork which is conceived as simple wood containers within spaces. Ample glazing provides excellent daylight and a connection to the site”.

So, despite following the same coloration as on the exterior, the interior surprises the viewer with its serenity of almost Zen like quality. The Peaks View residence is a beautiful house, which beauty slowly unravels to the viewer as the new details uncover.

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