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Original Textured Walls

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Designers from Giles Miller Studio do not believe that walls must be flat. Mosaic surface that they create, not just have an interesting pattern, but are able to change their appearance depending on the lighting and angle of view. They are experimenting with metal and plywood along with the use of traditional materials for the walls such as ceramic mosaic and textured fabric.

Original Textured Walls from Giles Miller Studio

Alexander wall tiles from Giles Miller Studio, ceramics

Alexander wall tiles from Giles Miller Studio, ceramics

Thus, the Jamila collection is made ​​from a variety of brass plates, which can be tilted by hand holding on the surface. Then the wall will change its appearance.

To decorate the walls of corrugated cardboard with patterns, designers use different types of jacks. Plywood, treated with the laser, is used to make the surface, similar to squama. They also can cut a repeating pattern on the leather wall panels.

One of the most spectacular collections from the studio is Alexander mosaic of hexagonal pixels arranged at different angles to each other, so that the light plays on the surface of the wall.

London design studio Giles Miller Studio specializes in unique architectural content. It designs the original embossed cover, built on the principle of the pixel decor. A young team of graduates from the Royal College of Art is working with natural wood, glazed ceramics, marble, copper, steel, textiles and even cardboard.

Their outstanding diploma, as well as the first professional project was an interactive installation Miranda, which is a mural with a plastic “nap.” You can create a variety of graphic staging with the manual manipulation on the screen.

Guiding principles of the project formed the basis of the creative concept of the future works of the studio. It is always a multipoint field (except cardboard reliefs) with a unique base element, on which you can form whimsical graphic pattern with the help of the hands.

Such extraordinary decorative solution for walls immediately found a lot of fans in the international architectural environment and allowed the studio to fill their list of clients with such major brands as British Airways, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Westfield, The Metropolitan Hotel, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Selfridges, Stella McCartney, etc. However, the variation of artistic coating is so diverse that you can create solutions for low-budget projects.


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