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Octopus Inspired Décor Items

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An amazing sleek sea creature, an octopus has been a countless inspiration to renowned interior designers. This post will introduce you to different octopus inspired décor items, that vary in their shapes, sizes, colors and surprisingly outlooks.


Underwater creature themed décor

Surprisingly there are many artists that have been inspired by the marvelous sleek shape of the octopus. First in our list of the octopus inspired décor items is the amazing octopus chair. The black leather chair completely repeats and even exaggerates the realistic design of the octopus. The chair is included into the Animal Chair collection, by a renowned Spanish designer Maximo Riera. The chair is both luxurious and exquisite; the texture of the chair looks just amazing. The octopus chair was made with a help of thirty specialists from different companies. It is the best looking octopus piece in the whole collection of our underwater creature themed décor.


Another one of our collection is the octopus inspired tables. We have two of a kind: the low coffee table and very realistic octopus table. The first one, as a second one has a glass top with octopus shaped legs. And that’s the tricky part of the octopus table design. The low coffee table just remotely reminds of the octopus shaped tentacles. Designed by Jesse Shaw, this table also is available in two variations: the upside down octopus beneath the glass, and the walking octopus that looks actually creepy. The second, more realistic octopus table is designed by Isaac Krauss. This octopus unlike the low coffee table is made of bronze and resembles the actual octopus and tentacles. This coffee table is not a budget one, because only its production is estimated to cost $5000.


The last in our list of the octopus inspired décor items is illumination features. The latest discover is the octopus chandelier by Adam Wallacavage. Coming in many colors, the chandeliers are very real except the plastic bubble gum colors. However Adam Wallacavage apparently was not the only one who thought of creating the octopus shaped chandelier. A smaller of a kind, but not less creative are the little table lamps by Markus Johansson. The shape of the lamp just remotely remind the floating octopus, however adds an eerie and underwater atmosphere.


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