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NY Bohemian Apartment

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New York, a city of great possibilities, millions of personalities and choices doesn’t stop to impress us! This post presents the incredible New York based apartment in Bohemian style.


Gypsy Inspired decor?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear the word bohemian? To most people the word is synonimous with artistic, but if we take a look at the origins, it is usually associated with gypsies and their nomadic lifestyles. This post presents to you the New York version of the Bohemian interior, designed by Incorporated Architecture.

It is important to note, that originally the appartment is very mundane, with the same pattern of contemporary apartment layout. However, the bohemian interior made this blank concrete box a manifestation of style, intuition and art! Besides, the space was enlarged a little bit, because of the color choices and interior decor solutions. Look at the classic minimalistic layout and what drastic changes has color infused!


Bohemian style is characterized by the layering of different bright colors, bold patterning, extensive use of DIY objects and ethnic decorations. This particular appartment has included a tambourine in its sub room dedicated to working hours. One of the most brightest spots is the intense azure wall with lots of framed pictures and a blue piano! Opposite of that wall you can observe the sofa which seems like quilt, made from many different pieces. Another bright piece is the room with intriguing patterned wallpaper, which looks like an acid styled library. By the way the apartment also has several different kid rooms, all with different designs! One is decorated with greyish wallpaper and a neon green cube for playing, a pale blue room with a doll house in hideout, and a vibrant bed for several kids. The overall impression is very cheerful, bright and flamboyant, a perfect place for an artistic soul!

Bohemian NY Inspiration

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