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Nautical Theme in Interior

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With the summer gone, lets embrace the last days of warmth and celebrate them with the nautical theme in interior.

Sea Inspired Decor

What usually strikes your imagination when you think of nautical theme: paddles, anchor, sea stars, seashels, life preserves, stripes, sails? This all can be used in creating the nautical decor, however think in colors as well. To make the interior less cluttered, try using neutral color as the base, while the nautical items being the splashes of style and color.

When you are introducing different sea inspired decor items, it is important to form compositions of the alike object, not just to throw things because they are nautical. Introduce life preservers, sails, stripes and sea stars to make a vibrant interior reminiscent of the beach, summer and the Sea. As for colors, remember the sea? Ocean blue, navy blue, yellow sand, vibrant bright tropical fish colors, so to make a beautiful color combination it is better to start with white and use stripes in coordinating colors. It is important not to clutter the interior with nautical items, because too much sea might cause a tzunami and flood the otherwise stylish interior.

Nautical Interior

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