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Nature Inspired Interior Design

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Nature inspired interior design is all about including nature into the house. This post will introduce to the notion of the nature inspired interior design, giving some practical tips on achieving the desired outlook.


Nature Inspired Décor Ideas

Nature inspired décor should maintain the look as if interior design was not considered while recreating the look. There are so many variations and perceptions of what is nature inspired decor should look like. Start with choosing your priorities. Not only the natural materials in furniture are encouraged, the whole decorating scheme should correspond to the general idea of Nature. Perhaps even copying the shapes of animals, plants and insects could be considered nature inspired, don’t you think?

Think of colors, materials, textures – all should be practical, natural and alive at some point. Colors that are usually used in nature inspired interior are the subtle ones, beige, baby blue, peach-the gentle colors and of course they can be accented with other interesting bold hues. Wood, rattan are the natural materials for you furniture, stone being the flooring element and décor, well décor can be made practically of anything. Using various textures, such as rattan, cotton, linen, can also be a good start at creating nature inspired interior.

Don’t go too far with trying to created a nature inspired interior, sometimes it is enough to include fruits, flowers, vegetables and alike as décor pieces. Most go for the rustic interior, complementing it with some natural décor items, which were mentioned earlier. Including greenery in your interior is a winning combination; however make sure that you display your plants accordingly.


Another good idea is to have your own mini garden for spices in your kitchen. DIY stuff is also a very inspiration start for the nature inspired interior design. As an example of the Nature inspired interior is Laura Zindel’s apartment. She used wood as a dominant material, emphasizing white, brown and black colors in general. From her own words, the interior is nature inspired and carries the feel of nature. Doesn’t it look homey and welcoming?

Nature inspiration


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