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Mud Wall Paintings in India

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Poorest Indian state of Bihar is famous for being the place, where the Buddha once lived and preached. In recent years, a local village Sujata is transformed into an oasis of contemporary art, in spite of the hardships, in which its inhabitants have to live. The village hosts an art festival «Wall Art festival», in which artists from India and Japan for three weeks arrange charity workshops for children and paint the walls of schools, turning them into amazing works of art.

Mud Wall Paintings in Indian School

Mud Wall Paintings in Indian School

Mud wall paintings in Indian school

The festival organizer is Niranjana Public Welfare School. While exchanging experience, talented artists try to encourage children to study. In addition, the festival makes the region attractive to tourists, and consequently more prosperous economically.

It all started in 2006. That time a group of fifty students from the University of Tokyo Gakugei donated money to build a school Niranjana Public Welfare School in the Indian state of Bihar.

The school existed mainly on foreign donations, but the administration knew that it was necessary to find a way that would help get permanent financing source. It was decided to organize an unusual annual festival and tell the whole world about the challenges faced by the residents of India.

The idea was simple: to draw directly on the walls of the school. There are many artists, who have supported the initiative. And now they annually come to Sujata. For example, during three years master Yusuke Asai, inspired by traditional Indian paintings on walls, decorated not only the walls in the classrooms, but also ceilings. It is noteworthy that the artist used mud solution to paint the walls. He took soil from different places and mixed with water in unequal proportions to achieve the desired hues.

Mud Wall Paintings in Indian School

Mud wall paintings in Indian school

Yusuke Asai worked together with the children. Most of them helped him a lot and were glad to leave their own little drawings on the walls, or just write a wish for the future. After the festival the artist with children led the school in order, washing off the walls, so the students were able to make sure that everything in life is cyclical. The material obtained for drawing from the ground, returned again to the ground. And the painting was born at the behest of the artist as something fleeting and lovely to disappear.


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