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Monochromatic Interior Design

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Monochromatic interior design is certainly not for everybody, but if you have chosen it for your decor, get ready! This post will help you in creating a classic monochromatic interior design, introducing the basics of this wonderful interior design.

Monochromatic Rooms

People often think that monochromatic interior design is quite strict in choosing the main colors, however that is the traditional version of the monochromatic style. There are several types of monochromatic interior designs, and you can choose the one that suits you most: one is traditional, the other is more flexible. First of all, you might have already figured out what kind of room you will have monochromatic, now it is time to consider color. The usual color choices include subtle ones as base, with more vibrant, brighter or darker versions of the same kind.

Don’t use strong and vibrant colors such as emerald green, crimson, royal purple and many more because it would irritate your eye, if you decide to choose it as a leading color in the rooms that you chose for rest. The most popular color choices are beige, lavender, light green, white, taupe, off-white, gray, with contrasting majors of wheat, buff, toast, which is in the beige scheme. Of course if you want to create accents, use stronger versions of the color that you have chosen. Making accents is very easy, add one big item, like a painting or 2-3 small items, like a pillow, vase, etc.

Often, to create subtle changes in color shading, different textures are used. One of the most popular choices are the corduroy, chenille and other pleasant fabrics that add the tactile pleasure. The central point in creating the monochromatic interior design is in diversity of textures, shades, focal points, patterns. With the use of these techniques, monochromatic interior becomes elaborate, and deep.

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