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Modern Living Kitchen Concept

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With all of the space left uninhabited in the big houses, we have plenty of room for other purposes. The Living Kitchen concept is a modern novel idea of making the best of the extra interior space. Check out how to transform empty spaces into an amazing Living Kitchen.


Making use of contemporary kitchen

As with any modern interior designs, we sometimes lack an imagination of making use of most our spaces, if of course the space allows it. The Contemporary Living kitchen concept is all about learning how to combine the most important and vital parts of our lives in one space. It might be the library in the kitchen, home office in the kitchen; just about anything that suits your needs and imagination.

One of the most creative ideas of living kitchen designs, is the Warndorf designer, who has created the aesthetically pleasing kitchen with other important elements, such as computer, included. He used natural wood furniture and many straight lines to complete the look of the living kitchen. But what really stands behind this concept is incorporating seemingly impossible elements into kitchen interior. Presented by Wanrndorf the kitchen features a small nook spared for work, but as mentioned earlier it can be anything. Notice the cupboards in the living kitchen, they actually can serve as cupboards or a personal library!

Living kitchen concept

Another prominent feature of the Living kitchen concept is including modern technologies and incorporating them into our daily experience. Although the concept of combining several rooms together is not so new, updating it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Some just separate the kitchen by the counter, or even use a different flooring to signify the passage. However, the most important is of course making use of the space. Adding some living room accessories, like a cozy rug, sofa with bright pillows, and coffee table is also a great idea. Anyway, remember the most important part is using most of the available space and use it according to its function.

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