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Modern Brazilian House

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If you are tired from the dull endless dark of December, here is some Brazilian house inspiration from Sergio Zobaran a famous public figure in Brazil, whose residence seem to speak a new word in modern eclectic decorating.

Modern Eclectic São Paulo Residence

You would be surprised how much meaning holds this modern eclectic residence of Sergio Zobaran to the world of interior decorating. Located in São Paulo, this apartment can boast a lot of innovations displayed on quite a huge space, about 120 square meters. In his residence, Sergio Zobaran certainly didn’t want any perfect sleek impersonal lines that are gaining popularity through the box styled houses, as he preferred to go natural and to exploit the already existing traits of the house, and there is certainly something to take! Originally build in 1948, the house stands to be in neo-classical style, yet its present outlook is very confusing, not to say incomprehensible at times.
First of all, the interior is full of traditional Brazilian aesthetics, that oddly are featured by the representatives of the modern Brazilian designers. An example of which could be that awesome leather chair by Sergio Rodrigues. The interior is quite white, well mostly, yet nothing seems to match and no item is alike in this house! Notice that awesome painted white brick wall, that still, despite being painted, gives off that certain antique flare and adds up to the industrialization of the interior. Some of the furniture pieces are outright antique and retro, yet some are quite exquisite, take for instance that intricate dresser in the dining room, that seem to be falling apart. Facing just that dresser is a perfectly modern wired chair, and the most surprising in this is their perfect harmony! The owner seems to be very much in love with art pieces, featuring some cute and abstract paintings as well as few quite weird statues. The general impression of that apartment is quite controversial, yet it definitely is a residence of an artist.

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