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Modern Art Deco Moscow Apartment

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Art Deco, being an extinct interior décor style has been given a second life in this ultra modern and luxurious Moscow apartment. Discover its inspirational Art Deco motives, which can be reapplied in your own setting.

art deco

Russian chic and splendor

This splendid and chic apartment is located in the capital city of Russian Federation, Moscow. Designed by the Moscow based design studio Geometrix this apartment presents a mixture of different styles and elegance itself. Its official style title is Contemporary Luxury New Post Modern art Deco with elements of baroque and minimalism. With that taken into consideration, let’s explore the Art Deco roots of this interesting apartment design, as it is most prominent in it.

Art Deco has originated in the 20s’ of the XX century, and has in Paris, and is famous for its eclectic features, but mostly its all about elegance, charm, luxury, and surprisingly functionality. Art deco combines many influences of other great art waves, such as neoclassical, cubism, modernism and futurism. The interior decor is blushing with optimism, splendor and beauty. Most often it has streamlined, geometric style with curved lines in furniture and decor items, as we can fully observe in the Moscow apartment.

This modern Moscow apartment features all of the above, except for the bright and cheerfull palette, but that is compensated through addition of baroque elements, as the apartment seems to be a masterpiece of elegance. The chosen colors of the apartment are mostly white and black, and this color scheme is very fitting and alluring to the style. The streamlined furniture is complemented by curvy chandelier or wall art. Comfort’s second name seems to be charm, as we see that each room is individually carved and greatly appreciated. So, from the original Art Deco style we can see the elaborate details in interior décor items, which mingle with baroque twists and minimalistic low level furniture. It all seems to blend it just perfect.

Modern Art Deco

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  1. rona
    October 19, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    wow i want a wall like that where is it from x

  2. Strega
    October 20, 2012 at 5:35 am

    This wall is a part of an appartment project by Geometrix, in Moscow.