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Mixed Minimalism Interior Décor

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Are you a bit of that and this? Feeling like you should have minimalistic interior décor, yet considering it to be too strict? Well, then perhaps this post would become an ultimate guideline into the world of mixing minimalism with other décor styles.

mixed minimalism

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Minimalism, as we remember is the décor style for the pedantic and strict people, or perhaps Zen Buddhist monks. Well, not exactly if you spice up your minimalism interior with some intricate details that add that sense of personality. We have already discussed the Minimalistic Small Apartment Décor, where the lack of space was the key in creating the solutions of the interior. As can be inferred from that post, the minimalism décor is great in keeping stuff in order, yet a touch of personality won’t hurt anyone.

A wonderful example of how minimalism can be mixed with other styles is the Parisian apartment of the renowned designer Josephine Gintzburger. This apartment is located in Paris, France, and it combines her passion for Parisian element décors and minimalism interior design. The prominent feature of the minimalism as we remember is the straightforward lines and low level furniture. This was wonderfully combined with the luxurious and passionate décor items that breathe of French chic and charm. Mostly clutter free, some elements of interior do strike as particularly interesting, for example that amazing pink rose chair. The whole interior looks in harmony with the personality of its owner, Gintzburger.

Another inspiration in creating the cozy minimalistic atmosphere is the penthouse in Kiev, Ukraine. This minimalistic living space is very bright, even rustic, yet it is minimalistic. Designed by 2B group studio, this apartment has all of the modern appliances, yet it manages to appear very creative and fun. The variety of textures, from wood to bamboo and concrete, play a trick in the perception of this wonderful Ukrainian penthouse. The contradiction to the minimalism style is displayed in bright color choices, as minimalism is opting for more naturalistic colors.
mixed minimalilsm

So now, you are equipped with the knowledge to blend minimalism with other interesting design ideas, to make it appear more personalized. Don’t be afraid to create and rely on your taste of beautiful.

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