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Minimalistic Small Apartment Décor

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Not all of have a luxury of having a big living space. However, there are some solutions on making use of your small apartment, like making it Minimalistic. Follow these easy tips on how to decorate your small apartment with minimalistic style.


Tiny Minimalistic Flat

To dive into the world of minimalistic design solutions, let’s consider this interesting bachelor loft, in New York City. The apartment itself is rather tiny featuring 32 square meters of space, however it leaves the space for imagination. The big windows and high ceiling help this flat appear bigger than it is. But the ultimate space solution for this bachelor loft is the color scheme, its multipurpose furniture solutions, which make it appear minimalistic. The color scheme is very bachelor stylish: predominantly grey, with touches of black and occasional red.

Creating a minimalistic style is easy with following the straight-line rule and minimum details. Because this apartment is rather small and it needs to have all the appliances, it appears cluttered. The flowers could be omitted; it is a guy’s room after all. Making maximum out of space is the key point in decorating the apartment in minimalistic style. It is also important to follow the one theme palette with little accent colors. Avoid excessive details, so you would not clutter your room. And of course, using multifunctional furniture is always a solution!

Even though, Minimalistic décor is meant for the meditation and contemplation, as it is inspired by Zen Buddhism philosophy, the décor can be achieved even in tiny space available. Creating the interior, follow the rules of the Minimalistic Interior Design, of simplistic and straight line approach with predominantly low level furniture, preferable multipurpose you will achieve the desired interior design.

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