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Minimalism Decor Ideas

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Minimalism is a décor style of choice for many contemporary designers. But few know what minimalism is. This post will introduce you to the Minimalism Décor style, which can become an ultimate guide to your decorating ideas.

Minimalism Interior Decor

Minimalism Interior Decor

The minimalism has started in the Post WWII period, and is deeply rooted into Modernism movement. Minimalism is a interior design style that has been greatly influenced by Zen Buddhist philosophy. It’s major characteristics are described by architect Ludvig Mies van der Rohe in laconic motto, “Less in more”. The style can be expressed in using simple lines and planes that are arranged specifically.

The contemporary minimalist style however shares far more compromises with the modern and luxurious styles, featuring subtle lines and furnishings with at least one unusual trait. Although, as with any style, minimalism doesn’t come easily, it has to be loved. A most qualified person for this kind of interior decor is of course the pedantic, mess hating individual. The ideally arranged minimalistic apartment would not only be a joy for your eyes, it would also be a tranquil and soothing island of peace.

To achieve the minimalistic interior follow these simple instructions. Color is important, and the more subtle the color the better it blends in. White is the most preferable of all, but of course using only white in your interior would also be a bold statement. Therefore, it is best to choose subtle and calm colors, such as beige, light blue, light grey, etc. The more you use colors that are to be found in nature, the more minimalistic it looks. Of course it is absolutely desirable to use accent colors, but not too much. The less colors, the better.

Furniture is another aspect of your minimalism interior. It should be contemporary, predominantly wiht streamlines, simple. Stay in tune with your coloring scheme, add little cushions to accent the comfort. Another important trick that will help you in maintaining the needed look is to use low level furniture. It helps to expand your space and also creates this oriental touch that can be found in Minimalism. Take into consideration the flooring and windows. The best choice is to use simple concrete, or wooden flooring. The easier the better. With the windows it is the same, keep the open windows, that can be decorated with shutters or blinds. The latest are easiest way to maintain privacy and yet to stick to the style.

Now you are ready to make your own minimalistic style décor. Use your imagination and follow your heart in that matter, because it is your living space after all.

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