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Mallorca Tiny Apartment: Charming and Stylish

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The apartment doesn’t need to be very spacious in order to be comfortable and stylish! This tiny Mallorca flat exudes style and confidence in its every detail, from the interesting color schemes to unique wall art pieces. Forget the contemporary style of the present – it has nothing in common with this laid back, and lazy atmosphere of the apartment, which for some reason still could be called modern!

Mallorca Apartment inspiration

Small Mallorca Apartment is All About Comfort

Comfort – that is the first word that comes to mind, when we look at these rooms. Everything in the rooms exudes easiness and tactile pleasure: the soft cushions, the upholstery, the soft white rug of the living room, the shiny timber floor, the leather chair in the bedroom.

Featuring only 95 square meters of space, the apartment interior is very rich in details. The charm of this apartment is the lack of the cold non-personal minimalism. The house uses all its space in neutral colors, with very thorough color outbreaks, which not only add a visual appeal to the apartment, but also the tactile interest, as mentioned earlier.

Mallorca Apartment inspiration

The intriguing charming interior is special partially because of its historical location. This apartment used to be a XIX century cloister, which was cleverly redesigned. Being really small, the apartment nevertheless has a spacious living room, which is united with a tiny home office, which is by the way has this terrific blue drawer in the background. It looks like it has been painted right on the wall!

The living room smoothly flows into the kitchen suite. Another room in the apartment is the bedroom, which also is quite terrific in terms of textures and colors. The sunny mirror on the wall above the bed is mimicking the colors present in the room in general: the brass side lamps, the luxurious leather chair and of course soft timber floor. Everything about this apartment is really charming, independent and no doubt with a personality.

Mallorca Apartment Inspiration

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