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Maison du Boisé Residence

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Maison du Boisé is a contemporary residence in rural Quebec, Canada for a family with three young children and one on the way. Let’s explore its contemporary design and burst of textures and colors!

Charming Quebec Residence

The Maison du Boisé Residence is a family compromise between father’s desire for the house to be lasting and mother’s desire for it to be of interesting color schemes and stylish decor. Designed by Gestion René Desjardins recently, the house is both minimally furnished, yet quite stylish on its own. Despite its lack of color, only white, jeweled purple and grey, the owners of the house seem to be really pleased.

The vast interior design is exploding with a help of massive windows that let through a lot of light. The green exterior seem to compensate lack of scenery, making the house unique in terms of color choices. As mentioned by Gestion René Desjardins, the house is:

“There is something naive about them that I thought the children could relate to, a touch of dreams and poetry.”

Maison du Boisé Residence


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